About Us

Since starting practice 34 years ago I have learned the value of creating a personal relationship with my clients. This allows my office to come to know how the injury affects my clients lives in very personal and meaningful ways. This process allows me to develop and design strategies for the often complex negotiations and litigation which is individualized for each client including those associated with multi million dollar settlements. Included in the development of strategies is the drive to consistently achieve positive outcomes for my clients in regard to their personal situation while minimizing exposure to risk. I have for 34 years presented convincing legal arguments and presentations in various courtrooms and have obtained successful outcomes. I have represented clients with all levels of injury from the less severe to the catastrophic and significant injury.

During my practice I have been involved in catastrophic situations including chemical spills which have affected entire communities, litigation that included multiple victims of the careless actions of manufacturing plants. I have been heavily involved in litigation concerning the known but hidden side affect of medications distributed by the uncaring drug manufacturers including the current litigation and crisis we are experiencing with opioids and oxycodone.

I am the proud father of 3 amazing young men and have been very involved in coaching and assisting with all of their activities. When younger that included volunteering to coach sports and activities that they had interests in such as football, soccer and baseball. In about 2009, all of the boys became very interested in Lacrosse. I jumped in and learned all I could about the sport and any way that I could assist their activities. I have volunteered as the official scorer for their high school lacrosse programs and have managed to attend all their games. This year has been a very tough year because of the Covid 19. This has completely eliminated my youngest son's ability to participate in his final year of high school lacrosse. The side affect being that I have been unable to participate and sit at the scoring bench.

In 2017, I volunteered and deployed for Hurricane Irma in the State of Florida to provide leadership and manage a shelter with at least 500 individuals (residents and disaster victims) and managed a staff of 20 volunteers under very trying conditions. Accountable for all aspects of the facility including: operations, resource sourcing and mobilization, health and safety, volunteer staffing; and case evaluation.

  • Took shelter from chaos, to a state of calm. Created a harmonious and organized environment to support disaster relief victims.
  • Significantly improved client service levels and improved communications by implementing innovative strategies while at the same time minimizing administrative paperwork and reactive management methodologies.
  • Earned "Highly Commendable" status by senior level Red Cross supervisors.

In 2011 to assist client in multistate litigation I successfully applied for my Texas Law license and have maintained that license since that time.

The law firm specializes in Personal Injury. Personal injury is any event or occurrence where you have been injured because of another person's carelessness or failure to be careful, follow safe practices or fails to follow the law. Personal Injury includes any injury caused by the operation of a car, truck, or other motor vehicle, injury caused or occurring at work, injury caused by a Truck driver, injury caused while on another person's property because of unsafe conditions, injury caused by a slip and fall where the store failed to clean up spills and any other injury caused by the negligence of another party.

We have been successfully litigating automobile accident cases for the past 34 years. We think it's important to contact our office immediately after a vehicle accident so that we can start the process of helping you get medical care and help you commence the healing process while protecting your rights.

Workers compensation accidents can be very tricky to navigate so that you obtain the necessary treatment for a successful outcome of your claim. We have been involved in all types of workers compensation claims for the past 34 years.