Don't Let a Collision Wreck Your Finances

Meet with our auto accident attorney in Grand Junction, CO and get the payout you need

Your first thought after a car accident should be about getting the medical attention you need-not paying for hospital bills and property damage. Rely on Greg Remmenga, PC to help you get the money you deserve after an accident. Attorney Greg Remmenga practices in the area of auto accident law in Grand Junction, CO.

Have You Been Hurt In A Wreck

We handle a variety of auto accident cases throughout the Grand Junction, Colorado area!

If You Were Involved In A Wreck- You Need a Check!

Attorney Greg Remmenga, PC will get you back on your feet after an auto accident

You should consult an auto accident attorney in Grand Junction, CO right away if:

  • You were involved in a car, truck or motorcycle accident
  • You sustained an injury as a pedestrian
  • You got hurt in a drunk-driving accident
  • You were injured as the result of a manufacturing defect

Someone else's mistake shouldn't become your burden-hold the right party responsible after an auto accident. Greg Remmenga, PC will put together a solid case in support of your argument, so you can fight for the money you deserve. Call now to schedule your free consultation with an auto or motorcycle accident attorney in Grand Junction, Colorado.